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Annual Fund

The TA Annual Fund is the school's top fundraising priority. The Board of Trustees works closely with the Administration to determine what our priority projects are and to maximize the value of every dollar raised to benefit our students' academic success and well- being. 

With your help, we will continue the tremendous momentum that is positioning TA among the South's premier private college preparatory schools. 

Thank you for being a part of the legacy that is TA's signature strength. Your support is deeply appreciated. 

2021-2022 Donor List

Legacy ($100,000 +)



Founders Circle ($25,000 +)

Mercedes Benz U.S. International, Inc.


Platinum ($10,000 +)

Favor & Jimmy (‘78) Hinton

Tara & Hinton (‘92) Howell


Excalibur ($5,000 +)

Class Of 2001

Madeleine & Rodney Bayless

Mary Louise & Reese (‘92) Brooks

Leigh & Tyler Davis

Suzie & Jimmy Duncan

Libby & Jimmy Hamner

          In Honor of Campbell Hamner, Class of ‘22

Amy & Quinton Matthews

Laura & Grant (‘80) McAllister

Danielle McInerney

Mike McInerney

Amy Adams Mullin

Jordan & Jerod Pilot

Lauren & J.R. Poe

Miller Charitable Foundation

Ruth McAbee Trust

          In Honor of Jordan Cate & Leroy McAbee III


Round Table ($2,500 +)

Jennifer & Brandon Agee

Noel & Robert Amason

Mary Glynn & Kurt Colgrove

Angela & Drew Hamiter

Leigh & Lee Henderson

Sage & John Taylor Hickman

Leigh & Brian Hollyhand

The Holmes Family

         In Honor of Victoria Holmes, Class of ‘22

Angela & Clay (‘98) Hudson

Kim & David Hudson

Lindsey & Josh Johnson

Adrienne & Chris McGee

Jennifer & Alan Miller

Emily (‘96) & Josh Norris

         In Honor of Marion, Ellen & Mark Norris

Jennifer & Michael Palmer

RJJB Family Foundation

         In Honor of the Lower School

Adrianne & Kevin Thompson

Tally & Brian Young


Knights ($1,000 +)



Missy & Tosh Atkins

Jennifer & Chris Barnette

         In Honor of Eve (‘22) and Reagan Barnette

Elizabeth (‘92) & Jason Bearden

Kristin & William (‘03) Blakeney

Jennifer & Matthew Bologna

Karen & Jim Brooks

Michele & Frank Buffington

Krissy & Kane Bunn

Beth & Spencer (‘78) Burchfield

Johanna & Ray Cole

Ana Constantine

Dr. & Mrs. Salem David, Jr.

Maria & Josh Denney

Mandi & Lee Drain

         In Honor of Rylie Drain

Patricia Ezell

Knights ($1,000 +)

Jenny & John Farnham

Amanda & Les Fowler

Mary Katherine & Rusty (‘79) Gibson

Carolyn & Pete Golding

Kelly & Jason Greene

Sally Helms

         In Honor of all the Teachers

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hickman

         In Honor of Anne Fletcher, Hilliard & Lillian Hickman

Jamie & Will Hobson

         In Honor of Hadley Hobson

Lindsey & Justin Hollingsworth

Mary George Howell

Melinda & Bryan King

Catherine & Louis Lucas

Jamie & Charles Mentel

Blair & Bobby Plott

Polly & Pops

         In Honor of Harrison Rhodes Hurd, Class of 2034

Elizabeth & Henry (‘82) Pruett

         In Honor of Elizabeth Pugh

Katherine & Roland Pugh

Holly & Ben Ramey

Allison & Derrick Rayburn

         In Honor of Taylor, Connor & Ross Rayburn

Dr. Nan Tactuk & Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez

         In Honor of Paul & Adam Rodriguez

Brenda & Randy Ross

         In Honor of Taylor, Connor & Ross Rayburn

Sharon & David Smith

Julie & Walt Smith

Amber & Curtis Stell

Brandon Stephens

Kristie & Scott (‘89) Taylor

Shelley (‘93) & John Thetford

Julie & Tommy Townsend

Ellen & Stan Turnipseed

Meredith & Bernard Veillon

Drs. Payden & Chelsea Wallace

Kara & Michael Warr

Elaine & Terry Wheat

         In Honor of Lynnley & William Bayless

James  Wickendon

Kelly & Ben (‘99) Wilkin        

         In Honor of Jake & Ethan Wilkin

Munter & Charles Wyatt

         In Honor of Walker McKee


Squires ($500 +)


Nikki & Byron Abston

Stephanie Bale

Peggy & Chris Ball

Olivia & Jake Bradford

Frankie Burton

Virginia Cade

Janet & Jim Corder

Mary Madge Crawford

Amanda & Lee Delchamps

Lars Dolling

Sea Talantis & Miles Eddins

Jaclyn & Nick Foster

Stephanie & David Fitts

        In Honor of Preston Fitts

Gloria Gilpin

        In Honor of Anna & Addie Gilpin

Hollie & Matt Glover

Brooke & Chad Gore

Dr. & Mrs. Wes Hollowell

Holly & Mike James

        In Honor of Mary Baxter Hartzell & Madi James

Dawn Jolly

Abbey & Brad Jones

Jennifer & Chad Jordan

Karri Holley & Richard Kim

Gretchen & Robert Langkawel

Charles Lao

Ginger & Geoffrey (‘90) Love

Patsy Lowery

Megan McGiffert M.D. (‘97)

Michelle & George McKee

Carol & Bill McKinzey

        In Honor of Josh, Caroline & Lydia Wright

Philip Mullin

Stephanie & Richard Murphree

Lori & Bill Orrell

Christie & Cecil Ozment

Lindsey & Luke Pate

Kim & Enrique Pereyda

Charlotte & Al Porter

        In Honor of Cooper Warbington

Dr. & Mrs. Robet A. Posey

        In Honor of Mary Baxter Hartzell & Madi James

Nikki & David Richardson

Haley & Kenneth Sansing

        In Honor of Lillie & Rachel Sansing

Lucy & Steve Sikes

Gina & Mark Simpson

Amy & Justin Smith

Kacie & Dustin Spruill

Teia & Luke (‘85) Standeffer

Lindsey & Brandon Stough

Amanda & Greg Thompson

Haley & Brody Townsend

Blair & Tim Tracy

Virginia Underwood

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagner

Shaundra & Wade Warbington

        In Honor of Cooper Warbington

Amy & Jason Williams

Howard Winfield

Valerie & Bill Wright

        In Honor of Taylor Nell Wright, Class of ‘22


We are grateful to the donors above for their participation and generosity in helping us reach our goals for the 2021-2022 Annual Fund Campaign. The report period is October 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness of this list. We sincerely regret if we have made an error and ask that you contact Paige Lancaster at 205-758-4462 or by email at to report any corrections.

Sword & Shield ($250 +)


Preston & Charlie Adair

Bill Adams Sr.

Charlye & Bill Adams

Tammy Atkins

Micky Beck

Blakely & George Blakeney

Beth & Tom Bonhaus

Karen & Jonathan Bonner

Lauren & Todd Bradford

James G. Brazil, Jr. (‘87)

Nana & Papa Bronold

       In Honor of Londyn Bronold

Audrey & Grant Buck

Jaime C. Caballero, Jr.

Margaret & Paul Conger

       In Honor of Vivian & Henry Conger

Karly & Adam Downs

       In Honor of Harper Jo Downs

Oliver Ezell

Lee Anne Ford

       In Honor of Alex Ford

Dr. & Mrs. Finus Gaston

Ashley & Jeb Green

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hanley

Daniel & Nina Schroeter Henderson

       In Honor of Annmarie, Isaac & Ethan Henderson

Susan & David Holmes

       In Honor of Franklin Holmes

Mr. Scott & Dr. Lauren Holmes

Audra & Brandon Hartley

Lauren (‘00) & Brian Hurd      

       In Honor of Harrison & Elizabeth Ann Hurd

Rea Kelley

       In Honor of Aiden & Lawson Kelley

Sword & Shield ($250 +)

Jana & Chuck King

         In Honor of William Numnum

The Kneer Family

Lisa & David Koontz

      In Honor of Jonathan Koontz

Paige & Mark Lancaster

       In Honor of Phillip (‘22) and Preston Lancaster

Takeshia & Willie Lang

Cathy Lunsford

       In Honor of the Theatre Department

Donna & Gary Maples

       In Honor of Emily Snodsmith

Codie & Ed Marynowitz

Kelly & Bryan McDonald

       In Honor of Gabby McDonald

Kim & Chasen McMullen

Wilson Moore (‘90)

       In Honor of Stella & Tommy Moore

Ellen & John Nanfro

       In Honor of Zoey & Griffin Thompson

Dr. Ted & Christine Posten

Lisa Powloski

Emily & Brad Proctor

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Richmond

Margaret & Michael Schwaeble

Amy & Joe Shirley

William Ford Simpson, Jr. MD (‘73)

Ann & David Sims

       In Honor of Graham, William & Reyn Sims

Laura & Matt Skinner

Claire & Brandon Thompson

       In Honor of Zoey & Griffin Thompson

Turner Law Group

       In Honor of Bo (‘20) & Claire (‘21) Roberts

Jenny & Hugh (‘95) Underwood

Tut & Wade Wilson

       In Honor of Sara Turner Wilson

Nancy & Will Vandervoort

Berkley & Will Wagner

Xiang Zhang



Blue & Gold ($5-$249)





Suzanne & Stephen Abernathy

      In Honor of Lily (‘22) and Ella Abernathy

Mary Adams

      In Honor of Millie & William Mullin

Kelly Archer

      In Honor of Tori Lane & Scarlett Archer

Kelly & Alan Barr

Leah & J. Batt

Carlley & Chris Beeker

Annegret & Micha Bertsch

Rafael & Inken Bickel

      In Honor of Sina, Ben & Luca Bickel

Silke & Ali Bilgic

Douglas Bish

Anja & Silvio Borrmann

Angelica Brown

      In Honor of Landyn & Logan Brown

Wendy Caldwell

DeLaune Carlson

Adeline Turner Carroll

Janet Chambers

Jessica Chesnut

Martha Cole

Eliza Collins

Lynda Collins

      In Honor of Mae Mae (‘22) & Cate Ramey

Jamie Conger

Jaclyn Cook

Philip Cooper (‘86)

Melissa Copeland

Rebekah Crawford

Nick Crane

Virginia & John Davis

Allison & Zack Drake

Blue & Gold ($5-$249)

Debbie Dunkling

Melanie Dykes

      In Honor of Molly Dykes

Jane & Ronald Dykes

      In Honor of Molly & Melanie Dykes

Diane Eddins

Christina & Justin Fanning

John Damon Ferguson (‘93)

Elizabeth Fleet

Caroline & Mike Ford

Kyle Fuller

Louise Gambrell

      In Honor of Grace Gambrell

Suzy (‘82) & Mark (‘81) Gatewood

Emily & Joey Glasgow

Nicole Godwin (‘04)

      In Honor of Scottie & Rhett Godwin

Suzanne & Bob Greene

      In Honor of Grace & Sadie Pilot

Dr. John Groff

Kendall (‘05) & Harris Hagood

Mr. & Mrs. Dayton F. Hale, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamiter

       In Honor of Amelia & Ellis Hamiter

Deb & Jeff Harbin

Jessie Hocutt Harbin (‘08)

Heatherly Hardin

Nao & Peter Harms

Linda & Bob Harris

Rebecca & Stephen Henderson

Stefanie & Ralf Hieber

Holly Hillard (‘93)

      In Honor of Macon & Hill Warr

Jordan & Hunter Hodges

Kristen & Kirk James

Becky Karnes

Nancy Kirk

The Koch Family

Anke & Martin Kolbmann

Rainer Krauter

The Oliver Kurz Family

Meg & Phil Lancaster

      In Honor of Phillip (‘22) & Preston Lancaster

Melissa & Adam Lang

Meredith & Tom Ledbetter

Emily & Jack Leigh

      In Honor of Tammi Schiering

Dianne & Bill Lippman

      In Honor of Kate & Caroline Thompson

Katelin Lisenby

Sarah & Dennis Logan

      In Honor of George Blakeney

Lucy & Mac McAllister

Kimberly McLey

Hayley & Benjamin McMichael

Deloris McMullen

      In Honor of Sara Chase McMullen

Rene & Kareem McNeal

Louise Manzella (‘82)

Benjamin Martin

Riley Matheson

Cherie Meadows

Tigran Melkonyan

      In Honor of Bella ('22) & Stephanie Melkonyan

Stacey & Joe Messina

Sibylle & Markus Mes

Sarah & Ryan Meyer von Bremen

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Mims

      In Honor of Sally Poole

Elizabeth Mojica

Paula Mount

Patricia Muscolino

      In Honor of Phillip (‘22) and Preston Lancaster

Windy Nelson

Sarah Newton

Matthew Noatch

Mary & Bob Osburne

Kim Ouderkirk

Callie Outlaw

Brooke Peterson

Julia Burchfield Phifer (‘07)

Niccole & Bill Poole

Blue & Gold ($5-$249)

Beth & Dennis Stanard

Leeta & R.L. Posten

Lesley Price

Juliet & Paul Pruitt

      In Honor of Julie Pruitt Barrett (‘04) &

      Mary Ruth Pruitt (‘10)

Mary Ruth Pruitt (‘10)

Mary Farley & Robert Poellnitz

Beth Pilgrim Ransom (‘92)

Kathy Redburn

       In Honor of Harper Downs

Lilli Reinmuth

Sarah Riches

Joan Robards

Adel Rodina

Ashley Roe

Liz Sadler

Lillie Sansing (‘15)

Rachel Sansing (‘18)

Tammi Scheiring

Mary Ann Schroeter

Holly Shipley

Johnna P. Smith

Vickie & Walter Smith

      In Honor of Trey & Jack Smith

Brad Starks

Deborah Stewart

      In Honor of Cooper Warbington

Deanie Strength

Jiemei Sun

Don Turner

Lavern Utsey

      In Honor of Sarah Miller

Leslie & Mike Welborn

Jenifer & Joshua Williams

Caroline & Tom Willingham

      In Honor of Caroline Davis

Caroline & Josh Wright

Jennifer (‘03) & Nick Wright