Welcome from the Head of School

The best independent schools offer matchless alternatives to parents who are deciding how they would like to educate their children.  Tuscaloosa Academy is a mission driven school where education and relationships are secured in a shared set of community principles.  We are more than a place for a child to receive a great education.  TA is an extended part of your family where parents, teachers, staff, and administrators all come together to help ensure the success of each child.


The open and welcoming atmosphere at TA is a reflection of the small town environment of the city.  People sit and chat and really get to know one another.  Teachers are supportive and genuinely involved in all aspects of the school.  This kind of close-knit community creates a strong bond and allows the “Knight’s” pride to flourish.  Tuscaloosa Academy is a caring, fun, warm, and challenging place to be.


Learning how to be mindful lies at the heart of the effective curriculum of the school.  Tuscaloosa Academy seeks to value and support the uniqueness of each child’s individual growth and genuine expression of who he or she is becoming.  We offer challenging and supportive experiences in academics, arts, and athletics as opportunities to learn skills necessary to care for oneself, mindful of each other, and awareness for the community, and the world.  At TA, students, faculty and staff live each day to the fullest, in a genuine effort to embody this ideal, knowing that the pursuit will make them better persons and friends, better leaders and supporters, better students, better citizens, actors, artists and athletes.  To us, the common pursuit of our ideals, by everyone in the community, makes this one of the best schools. 

Beckie Share

Head of School

Tuscaloosa Academy



The Mission Statement of Tuscaloosa Academy

To provide a college preparatory education in a supportive environment of intellectual freedom, to cultivate a love of learning, and to maximize each student's potential for academic achievement, character development, and readiness for life in a global environment.